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ON Route to Toronto

By Kyle

On our way to visit Marie and Mitch for an evening in Toronto and then off to Kentucky to visit family and to hunt down some beautiful southern furniture.


We’re on the lookout for a dining room buffet, a media stand, a free standing light and a dresser. We won’t be able to get (yet alone afford) all of these items, but it’s what we’re looking for to spruce up our apartment.

I didn’t think much of antiques before because, where I’m from, there are none to be found. But having been around them more and more since being with Kevin, I’ve really developed an interest and an appreciation for them. They have so much character, are usually well made and one of a kind. Pretty cool if you ask me! Pics of southern antiques and finds for our apartment soon to come!

PS: I love the new On Route stops that have been built on the side of the highway in Ontario. They’re really nice and convenient!