Queens of the Night

By Kyle

Fact: drag queens are bad ass.

Last year, Kevin and I stumbled upon RuPaul’s Drag Race (a drag queen competition show on Logo) and got totally hooked. Despite the show’s crude humour, it has been surprisingly enlightening and inspiring. RPDR introduced me to the subculture within the gay community that is drag and made me appreciate it as a true performing art. The sky is the limit when it comes to how drag queens express themselves since drag welcomes and encompasses all varieties of the performing arts. Even though I’m not a drag queen, I find inspiration in the courage the queens have to cross societal boundaries, put themselves out there and in their extreme creativity.

Aspects of drag remind me of classical clowning which I had the opportunity to study briefly at a theater camp years ago. What I loved about clowning was developing a character from scratch. Like drag, when clowning you put on a costume and are given a carte blanche. There is something really fun and liberating about developing a separate identity from your own.


Androgynous drag has become more prevalent with the rise of queens like Raja Gemini.


I find this take on drag to be especially interesting because it pushes the envelop by blurring traditional gender lines. We all have feminine and masculine qualities. Let’s stop being ashamed of them and start embracing all parts of ourselves.

Life Tip: As the infamous RuPaul always says:
If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?
Now, can I get an amen?


Crazy in Love Dance Cover

By Kyle

Life Tip: When you’re in a bad mood, put this on. Problem solved.

Kitchen Nip Tuck

By Kyle

It all started with a crack in the counter top next to the sink. Every time we did dishes, water would leak into the cupboards. After showing this problem to my landlord, one thing led to another and we got a new sink, faucet, counter top, and backsplash. Pretty awesome, eh? Check out some of the before and after pics below.


Original counter top and sink.

2014-03-17 09.51.13

New white counter top, sink and faucet.

This was a fun project for Kevin and me, and it got us excited about owning our own place. My landlord let us choose the tiles for the backsplash, which was a little more overwhelming than you would think. He sent us to Tuiles Olympia and asked to us to choose something dark which helped narrow down our choices. Before heading to the tile store, we spent some time looking at pictures on Houzz of kitchens with similar colour schemes to give us some ideas. There were tons of tiles in the showroom to choose from so we took pictures of the ones we liked and then slept on it. It was easier to make a final decision while revisiting the pictures in our apartment. We ended up choosing this grey glass tile.


We chose the dark grey glass tile in the center of this photo.

The display at the tile store was a little misleading because it didn’t have visible grout. In case there would be visible grout (which there was), we asked for a dark grey that would not distract from the tiles and look as closely to the display as possible.

2014-03-17 13.14.07

Grey glass tile backsplash installation in progress.


The glass tiles with light grey grout.

The grout ended up drying lighter than I hoped it would but, nevertheless, I think the final result turned out great.


The final result! Complete with new hardware on the cabinets.

Life Tip: Avoid this type of straight handle. It’s nearly impossible to install them so they look perfectly even. For someone with a minor case of OCD, this could will drive you bananas. Just sayin’!

Olympic Games

By Kyle

Great commercial! Go Canada Go!

ON Route to Toronto

By Kyle

On our way to visit Marie and Mitch for an evening in Toronto and then off to Kentucky to visit family and to hunt down some beautiful southern furniture.


We’re on the lookout for a dining room buffet, a media stand, a free standing light and a dresser. We won’t be able to get (yet alone afford) all of these items, but it’s what we’re looking for to spruce up our apartment.

I didn’t think much of antiques before because, where I’m from, there are none to be found. But having been around them more and more since being with Kevin, I’ve really developed an interest and an appreciation for them. They have so much character, are usually well made and one of a kind. Pretty cool if you ask me! Pics of southern antiques and finds for our apartment soon to come!

PS: I love the new On Route stops that have been built on the side of the highway in Ontario. They’re really nice and convenient!

Rendez-vous at the Mall

By Kyle

In the same way that I don’t think recreational dance studios should be painted pink (because it feminizes dance and discourages boys from dancing), I don’t understand why nail salons choose ridiculous girly names. Last night, Kevin and I decided to treat ourselves to a manicure and pedicure (something everyone can benefit from!). We went to a big mall downtown Montreal in search of a good deal. We had the choice between Diva Nails and Queen Nails… Need I say more?

20130731-095035.jpgWe’re not their target audience, I know, but the names made me feel bad for most straight women out there who are condemned with partners that will probably have long dirty toe nails forever because they are too embarrassed to be seen inside such a place.

Just in case you’re wondering, in the end, we chose Queen Nails. Maybe it was meant to be in light of our new obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Life Tip: Always wear loose fitting pants to a pedicure appointment. The first time I got a pedicure was in New York City. I was wearing skinny jeans and could not pull them up past my calves. Needless to say, the Dominican women in Washington Heights giggled and made fun of me in Spanish and I left with wet pants.